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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Movies-City of Bones Preview

  One of my favourite books, City of Bones is now being made into a movie and I can't wait. Although I'm a bit worried as well because sometimes after I read a book I have a very clear view on how the plot should unravel and the characters should be portrayed and occasionally I am then disappointed with the film if it doesn't follow what I wanted it to be like. On the other hand sometimes a book can be ruined as well if I watch a film first and then read the book because then my imagination is fixated on the images from the film and I can't create my own. Hopefully this one will come out well though.
    I'm a bit unsure over some of the cast members also. I imagined Clary to have more vibrant red hair than Lily Collins who has been chosen as the part, who has brown hair with a tinge of red. I also was disappointed with the choice of Jamie Campbell Bower, apparently Alex Pettyfer was offered the role and he turned it down and I would have thought he would have been better for the role. I'm not sure either of Kevin Zegers who has been cast as Alec. Valentine and Isabelle are exactly how I imagined however. I'd say the rest of the cast will come together when I get more used to them while watching the film.
     Also I really hope it follows the story of the book and doesn't cut important or my favourite parts out. I think it'll definitely be worth a look. Check out the trailer below:

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